..where great shellfish products and innovative ideas come together. Our 23,000 sq. ft. processing facility is GFSI Certified to meet the highest Standards in Seafood Safety.
Fresh oysters, harvested from the Gulf and Atlantic coast, are flash frozen fresh and then half shelled with a patented process.

Fresh Farmed Raised Hard shell clams are portion packaged and processed with Proprietary technology that was developed by the company. We are the only producers of these 2 great products in the US.

Our products are available in both Foodservice and Retail packaging.

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STAY FRESH BRAND Fresh Half Shell Oysters

Why Stay Fresh ?

Stayfreshround-stayfreshTHE PROBLEM: Traditional cleaning and processing methods cause FRESH oysters to remain at higher than optimal storage temperatures for long periods of time. Temperature fluctuations coupled with inconsistent and long distribution channels, cause stress on the bivalves leading to gaping shells and loss of valuable seawater which they need to survive to market. Stress and loss of seawater leads to a VERY short shelf life and unsalable oysters. Summer months are especially critical to these facts.

"Stay Fresh My Friends!"

“Stay Fresh My Friends!”

THE SOLUTION: Stay Fresh Brand FRESH oysters are processed with a unique banding and chilling process which slows their metabolism, reduces their stress, and allows them to retain all their natural seawater which results in a longer shelf life.

Immediately after cleaning, the fresh oysters are secured with special rubber bands to keep the oyster shell closed, locking in all the natural seawater until the time to be shucked.

Once banded, they immediately travel through a super cold nitrogen gas tunnel which slows the oyster’s metabolism, reduces stress and extends its life!

This method will provide a longer lasting, fresher tasting, more salable oyster, and at the same time reducing your cost. Please see our products page for more information and our brochures.


The Benefits for restaurants and retailers are huge with our “FROZEN FRESH”™ Shellfish!

  • Bag pick_smProducts are Sand Free.
  • A shelf-life of 12 months on clams and mussels and 24 months on oysters
  • Cook times as near as “FRESH” with the same great taste and texture. Complete separation of the meat from the shell upon cooking.
  • Great table side presentation.Individually packaged with exact counts and weights.


WE ARE UNIQUE, the best and most importantly, all of our shellfish are harvested in the U.S.A!!!!