Frozen Oysters

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No longer do you have to eat raw oysters only in the months that end with “R”!
COMPET-COMPARE OYSTER2011LIVE shellfish are harvested and shipped the same day to our 22 thousand square foot processing plant located in Melbourne, Florida. There, they are immediately prepared for processing with our state of the art cryogenics machines. LIVE shellfish are placed directly in a super cold nitrogen tunnel machine, using temperatures down to minus 100 degrees below zero for just a matter of minutes.

Our unique process locks in the freshness, natural juices and flavors thus preserving them in their natural state for later consumption. All other shellfish on the market are frozen dead. Super- cold nitrogen has been used to chill and preserve most all food products for many years. It is 100 percent consumable and proven FDA-safe for all food.

Southeastern Seaproducts ,Inc is an IQF{Individually Quick Frozen} PHP{Post Harvest Treatment} Processing Facility. Individually Quick Frozen oyster processing is recognized by the FDA And The University of Florida as a approved treatment to reduce or eliminate the Vibrio vulnificus bacterium to non detectable levels.

Fresh Oysters

THE PROBLEM: Traditional cleaning and processing methods cause FRESH oysters to remain at higher than optimal storage temperatures for long periods of time. Temperature fluctuations coupled with inconsistent and long distribution channels, cause stress on the bivalves leading
to gaping shells and loss of valuable seawater which they need to survive to market. Stress and loss of seawater leads to a
VERY short shelf life and unsalable oysters. Summer months are especially critical to these facts.

graph3THE SOLUTION: Stay Fresh Brand fresh oysters are processed with a unique banding and chilling process which slows their metabolism, reduces their stress, and allows them to retain all their
natural seawater which results in a longer shelf life.

Immediately after cleaning, the fresh oysters are secured with special rubber bands to keep the oyster shell closed, locking in all the natural seawater until the time to be shucked.

Once banded, they immediately travel through a super cold nitrogen gas tunnel which slows the oyster’s metabolism,
reduces stress and extends its life!

This method will provide a longer lasting, fresher tasting, more salable oyster, and at the same time reducing your cost.

Frozen Clams

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Salty Seas Half Shell Clams

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Seed clams from certified hatcheries are planted along Florida’s pristine coastal waterways.Planted in our designated grow-out areas,they are harvested within 12 to 18 months.

After harvesting, the clams are placed in a controlled salt water purification system to remove any sand inside the clams. The system is designed to regulate the amount of salt in every lot. This process gives the clams a consistent sweet brine flavor each and every time.

The Final Process: From the salt water purging system the clams are placed in specially designed vacuum packaging and cooking equipment. Immediately after they are Individually Quick Frozen using the latest cryogenic nitrogen freezers. This process locks in all the natural flavors.

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