Salty Seas Frozen Half Shell Oysters Rockefeller

Perfect Oysters Rockefeller in just minutes ♦ Broil directly from frozen ♦ Easy use skin tray packaging 12 Oysters Rockefeller per tray ♦ User friendly porti

Perfect Oysters Rockefeller in just minutes 
♦ Broil directly from frozen 
♦ Easy use skin tray packaging 
12 Oysters Rockefeller per tray 
♦ User friendly portion control 
No waste 100% usable. 
♦ Proprietary blend of butter, cheese, 
spinach and Panko bread crumbs 
♦ Offer Oysters Rockefeller with no labor 
♦ Packaging 10 x 12 case, 120 ct
Salty Seas 
Frozen Half Shell 
Oysters Rockefeller 
equals more profits and 
better customer experience

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